Drinking Glasses Explained

If you are anything like me at the moment, thriftiness is consistently the order of the day. After all, in the current climate, and with our personal finances under ever-increasing pressure, doesn’t it make complete sense to tighten up wherever you are able to? I’m always on the lookout for a good deal and most people are more inclined to do the same these days.

I do not, however, want to sacrifice my fun times, and for me drinking good wine with friends and family falls into that category. For many of us, who really love to entertain and be entertained, there is nothing better than savouring a great wine in comfortable surroundings, while the alcohol slowly leads us into our magical world of escapism. A world where we say things which we usually dare not, and do things which we look upon with raised eyebrows the following day!

Getting wine at great prices seems to be relatively easy for consumers these days, which makes us very happy – but what are you drinking it out of? Glass, crystal, plastic, stemmed, stemless, arty? Well whatever your choice, just make sure you keep that glass upright and intact because replacement costs can add up! I am as big and clumsy as an elephant, and I find it so irritating to knock over my wine glass and see it smash into smithereens all over the carpet. Plus we are then left with an incomplete set of glassware for our next spritely occasion. So when I came across stemless wine glasses, I just had to add a set to my glassware collection.Feel free to find more information at Drinking Glasses.

What can I say, I do love the traditional stemmed wine glass as it really does make you feel a little more sophisticated when imbibing your favourite wine. The downside with my previous glassware collection was that I couldn’t risk taking them with on picnics, camping and to concerts, and I also seemed to lose many glasses whenever parties became a little rowdy! For me, a stemless wine glass collection was a fantastic addition, and has given us so much more flexibility in instances where stemmed glasses were just not pragmatic PLUS it has saved us a fortune with fewer breakages!

If you haven’t already figured out what is so great about the stemless cousins of your traditional wine glasses, let me fill you in;

  1. Stemless wine glasses are designed with a flat edge under the bowl, which means fewer spills!
  2. Many quality manufacturers like Riedel and Libbey have specifically designed these glasses to suit a wide variety of bouquets
  3. They are great for both everyday use, and special events, anywhere and anytime
  4. Stemless wine glasses are way easier to store because they have no awkward stems!
  5. They make for a very unique gift for your wine-loving mates
  6. They can also be very versatile, which means Jimmy, who is on a no-alcohol diet, can still use his glass for anything and not feel left out
  7. These glasses fit comfortably in the hand and look very cool
  8. Many are now made from ‘green’ plastics which are 100% recyclable
  9. Stemless Wine Glasses suit any function and will save you time (cleaning up breakages) and money (replacement costs)
  10. And finally, a wine glass which fits into the dishwasher no worries!

When looking for your perfect set of stemless wine glasses, there are quite a few brands to choose from as well as a wide variety of styles. Would you like glass, crystal or plastic (acrylic/polycarbonate) or a combination? Which style would you prefer? Which manufacturer do you trust? How many units should you get?

Well we have taken the time to create an informative website which will help take the guesswork out of choosing your stemless wine glass set, so click on over and check it out. We are positive you will find a great set which will stand the test of time. Remember Christmas is just around the corner…